How to Sign Up AOL Email

AOL Mail Sign Up

AOL stands for America Online and it is considered among the best service provider for personal use. The features of unlimited email storage, SSL based process, spell checker, spam & virus protection etc. makes it popular. In AOL, a user has scope for creation of customized folders just like in Yahoo mail and Outlook mail. It allows you to organize and store the messages in drafts, inbox etc. as per your requirement. We have discussed below the steps to create the account in AOL Mail.

To create account:

  • Open the browser ( Internet Explorer, Google chrome etc.)
  • Go to or you can reach to this URL by searching key words related to ‘AOL Sign in’ in any search engine.

How to Register AOL Mail

  • Click on Get a Free Username
  • Enter the required details in the Create your account form.

Sign Up AOL Mail Account

  • Click Sign up.