Hover Email Settings for Email Program

If you are having a Hover email account, you can use it with email programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mailon your smartphone or computer. Hover email is compatible with both IMAP and POP connections. All you need to have for the configuration process is the correct password for the email address … Read more

What Are tds.net Email Server Settings?


If you have been moved to the new TDS Email system, you will need the tds.net email server settings to configure your email program(s) and/or mobile device(s) to receive TDS Email. To know the tds.net email server settings that you will need to configure your email account on an email application, follow the information provided … Read more

StartMail vs ProtonMail


If you are looking to use a reliable encrypted email service provider for your email requirements, you can consider using the StartMailservice. Developed by StartPage, StartMail is a private email service that helps protect your privacy and email activities through its cutting-edge technology and security. The email service belongs to the Netherlands and complies with … Read more

Verizon Webmail Not Working [Fixed]


Although Verizon webmail is a reliable email service and doesn’t run into issues frequently, however, if you ever find your Verizon webmail not working properly, the reasons could be various. Some of the reasons can be problems at Verizon’s end, incompatible or outdated web browsers, internet connectivity issues, faulty browser enhancements, etc. To know how … Read more

How to Disable Avast Email Signature?


Avast is one of the top providers of security applications. The company is known for developing computer security software, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Avast security solutions are widely used by both home and officer users.  If you are using an email program such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, Avast Antivirus software is most … Read more