How to Set Up and Activate Sony Crackle Account

Crackle: A Complete Guidebook about Sony Crackle Services & It’s Features

Sony Crackle is a 100% free spilling administration that lets you stream free movies and watch TV shows on your computer, phone, and tablet. It’s the best source of entertainment, which facilitates the no-cost option for the users who are linked with services. Though while using the Sony Crackle, you will need to sit through a few commercial breaks during the movies and shows, however, these small issues can be manageable as it has the latest and awesome selection of programming, as well as a decent video quality, that will convince you to come back again and again.

Why Do You Need to Choose Sony Crackle Services? gives decent movie options with a range of 100 free movies and shows on an everyday basis. Here you can access free full-length shows and movies that you can watch any time you want. New movies are constantly being added to your Sony Crackle account that will allow you to find something new to watch. Through this guidebook, you can see the amazing benefits of Crackle services and how it will be benefited for you.

  • It’s a prestigious platform to watch free entertaining movies and TV shows on your computer, laptop, and smartphone.
  • All the movies are organized into genres that will help you to find thrillers, action movies, comedies, drama, and more as per your area of interest.
  • The services are compatible with any communicating device such as PC, laptop, phones, and tablets.
  • To use the Crackle services, you don’t need to burn your pocket, as it offers some extra on-demand entertainment without paying a penny for it.
  • It’s easy to use interface makes it popular over other prestigious movie based platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. However, one should remind Crackle is absolutely free of cost, while other platforms can cost you slightly higher.
  • More than this, Crackle also has a social function that allows users to like, rate, comment, and share their watch lists and videos on social media sites, such as Facebook.

How to Activate Sony Crackle Account?

To configure Sony Crackle is not a difficult task, however, if you want to active Crackle services on PC and Mac you do specifically need an Adobe Flash Player. Other than this, if you are willing to watch other videos online, you will have to download and install the Sony Crackle from Adobe’s official website.

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Note: If you are using Google Chrome, you do not need to install Flash manually.

Once the installation has been completed, you need to go to Crackle’s home page and type the show name which you want to see on the search box or address bar. Now, click on “Browse” to see through available programming and then click on the icon of a movie or TV show to open it.

Additional Feature: If you have selected a TV show, select the episode of the program by tapping on the episode link. Your selected program will start playing after an advertisement. You can change the quality of the video by tapping on the gear icon presented on the screen. You can also change the audio or subtitle language on relevant programs and shows by pursuing the same method.

How to Start Crackle Services on a Mobile Device –

Below you can find the comprehensive steps on how to sign up for and use the services:

  • To begin the process, go to the on your mobile device.
  • Click on the Register button and enter your correct information.
  • Now, create a unique username and password for the security measurements.
  • Head back to the sign-in page and enter the details that you have used during registration and login to your com account. on a Smart TV –

Furthermore, you can use the free services of Sony Crackle on your Smart TV by pursuing these informative steps:

  • Explore the local app store on your Smart TV, and look for Crackle app and complete the installation process.
  • Now, click on the application to open it. Once you open the app, a pop-up notification will appear on the screen having an activation code.
  • Now, on your computer or mobile device, explore the and enter the activation code.
  • Now, tap to the Next button and follow the instructions.
  • Crackle should now start working on your Smart TV.

How to Start Sony Crackle Services on Roku TV Platform –

To activate Crackle on Roku, follow the informative steps:

  • Click on the home button option on your Roku remote and look for the Crackle app and launch the app. An activation code should appear on your TV screen.
  • Now, open on your Smartphone or Other devices and enter the activation code to activate Sony Crackle services.
  • Enjoy your favorite show and movies without any interruption.
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To sync your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick with Sony Crackle, please follow these steps:

  • On your accessing device, visit
  • Now, Sign in to your Crackle account and open your Fire TV app and navigate to “My Sony Crackle”.
  • After this, click on “Activate This Device”. An activation code will appear on your device screen.
  • Simply, enter the activation code at and wait for few minutes to sync your Crackle account and Firestick.

A Comparison Between Vs Netflix:

At you can see a wide variety of TV shows and movies. And the plus point the services are free for the users. Here we have compiled the major points which will help to have a comparison between Sony Crackle vs Netflix.

Easy to Use Interface: The Crackle is easy to use, as here you just need to register yourself and for your membership account and then you are eligible to enjoy hundred of videos for free in 360p and 480p resolution. So with Netflix, it’s pretty much the same, but with Netflix account, you do need to pay the subscription amount every month.

Compatibility: In terms of compatibility, both the devices are brilliant; however with Netflix, you can explore an extensive range of compatible devices. One cool feature both the platform offers is that the user can easily switch from device to device without facing any issue.

Range of Categories: At Sony Crackle, the users get an extensive range of full-length movies and episodes of most popular TV shows. On the other hand, Netflix offers more than 100,000 movies and TV programs in several different languages which attract viewers to see more and more programs.

Membership Perks: With Crackle you can sign up for a free service that can help you to personalize your experience. However, for Netflix, you can access only a 1-month free trial and afterward you will need to pay for the monthly subscription to watch unlimited movies and web series.

Speed of Services and Quality: Since you watch movies on Crackle, the speed usually depends on your Internet connection and the same for Netflix. The Crackle offers good quality videos with a minimum speed of 200 kbps, while Netflix offers 500 kbps of speed to get maximum results.

Price Ranging Feature: At Netflix, the services are not free, as here you will need to pay the monthly subscription. On the other hand, Sony Crackle is free to use, but the only limitation to using this feature is that it does have ads.

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