How to Fix File Transfer Failed Error in Skype?

One of the best advantages of using Skype is the option to easily share files with your contact. Whether you are looking to transfer a compressed file of your last weekend trip or wish to share the client’s quotation with your boss, Skype can help you easily send such files to anyone in your contact.

While Skype is quite swift in transferring files and data, however, if you are facing trouble sending files from your Skype account or seeing “File Transfer Failed” or similar error in your Skype account, the reason can be anything from a slow internet connection to file type or file size. To help you overcome issue in transferring files from Skype account, we have provided below some of the measures.

1.) Make Sure You Are Not on a Skype Call When Transferring A File

If you are on a Skype call when transferring a file to one of your contacts, your Skype call will be given more priority over file transfer to allow you to have an uninterrupted calling experience. In order to boost the file transferring speed in your Skype account, it is suggested to disconnect the call when carrying out such task. The file transfer speed will automatically increase and thus you won’t get “file transfer failed” error.

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2.) Make Sure That Internet Connection Works Properly

Generally, when your device loses internet connection, Skype pauses the file transfer process until the connection is regained. However, when transferring a file in your Skype account, it is strongly recommended to make sure that your device has a proper internet network connection. Any issue in your internet connection may prevent the file from getting transferred successfully or may cause “file transfer failed” error.

3.) Check The Size of The File You Are Trying to Transfer Via Skype

Before you transfer a file from your Skype account, make sure that the size of the file you are trying to send is no more than 300 MB. As Skype only allows a file attachment of up to 300 MB, you will get a “File transferred failed” error or a message notifying “Not sent – file is larger than 300 MB”. In order to send a file with a size more than 300 MB, it is suggested to use a reliable cloud storage service.

4.) Make Sure That The Recipient Has Added You in Skype

Skype will only allow you to send a file to the recipient from your contact only if the recipient has added you to his or her contact list. If you are unable to transfer a file, make sure that recipient has added you to his Skype account.

5.) Check the File Extension

Skype may not allow certain file extensions to be sent through its platform. In such a case, it is suggested to either change the extension of the file or zip the file before attaching it to the Skype. Alternatively, you can send the file using a reliable cloud storage service.

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In most of the cases, considering the above-mentioned measures should help you overcome “File transfer failed” error in Skype.

Measures to Fix “File Transfer Failed” Error in Skype


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