How to Fix Juno Email Not Working?

Juno Online Services, commonly known as Juno, is an Internet Service Provider located in the United States. While the company originated as a free email service, it expanded its offering later. And, while the services offered by Juno are reliable, be it Dial-Up Internet Access or Free Email, however, some users have sometimes reported that their Juno Email is not working. If you ever find your Juno email not working as expected, you can consider the different workarounds suggested below.

Ways to Fix Juno Email Not Working

When you sign up for Juno Internet access, you are also provided a free Juno email address with up to 2 GB of storage space that can be used to receive, store, file, and organize more emails. As said earlier, though it is rare to find Juno email not working, should you ever face any such issue, you can consider the following workarounds.

  • Make Sure Mail Server Is Not Down

The first thing you will need to ensure when you find your Juno email not working is that the mail server is not down. There are several online services that can help you know the status of If the mail server of appears to be down, you will need to wait for it to become active. However, if the status appears to be up and running, the reason responsible for the Juno email service not working could be something else.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, the malfunctioning of Juno email can also be due to poor or no internet connection. Therefore, it is recommended to verify whether or not your internet is functioning properly. You can open a random website on your web browser and seek if it is loading as expected. In case the website doesn’t load properly, you will first need to address the issue with your internet and then try to access your Juno email account. However, if the internet appears to be working fine, you can move to the next workaround.

  • Delete Cache and Cookies from the Browser

Having an unnecessary load of cache and cookies in your web browser can also cause your web browser to run into different issues including problems accessing Juno email. In such a case, it is recommended to regularly remove cache and cookies from your web browser. The process to remove cache and cookies may vary depending on the web browser you are using.

  • Update Your Web Browser

Just like cache and cookies in your browser can prevent Juno mail from working properly, using an outdated browser can also cause similar problems. Therefore, it is always recommended to check your web browser for the availability of updates at regular intervals. If you find that updates are available for your web browser, make sure to install them before you try to access your Juno Mail account.

  • Use a Different Web Browser, Device, and Internet Connection

If even after following the above-mentioned workarounds you are unable to make Juno Mail work, you can consider accessing your email account using a different browser on another computer via another internet connection. If this way you are able to access Juno Mail without any interruption, it means that problem is with your web browser, device, or internet connection. However, if even then you are unable to access Juno Mail, the problem is most likely with Juno service which should get fixed automatically after waiting for a while.

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NOTE: You can reach to Juno Mail customer service to seek further assistance for your problem to get a reliable solution. So, these are the different workarounds that you can consider to fix Juno Email not working.

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