How To Fix Verizon Email Not Sending?

Purchasing one or more of the Verizon products such as Cable Television, Landline, Mobile Phone, Broadband, or Internet makes you entitled to a free Verizon Email account. You can use this email account like any other email account you use for sending/receiving messages and related tasks. Coming from a reputed brand like Verizon, it is rare that you may face issues with the email service, however, some users have reported issues when trying to send email using their Verizon email account. If you are also experiencing a problem sending an email using your Verizon email account, you can follow the different workarounds suggested below.

Ways to Fix Issues Sending Emails Using Verizon Email

  • Make Sure Verizon Email Server Status is Up and Running

The first thing you will need to ensure when unable to send emails from your Verizon email account is that the server of Verizon email is not down. Numerous online websites allow you to check the status of different websites including Verizon. If you find the Verizon Email server status to be down, you will need to wait until their service resumes. However, if the status appears to be normal, you may skip to the next workaround.

  • Check Your Internet Network

One of the most common issues responsible for causing issues when sending email from your Verizon Email account is a problem with the internet network connection. So, it is important to make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Open a random website on your web browser and see it loads as usual. In case the website doesn’t load properly or takes time, firstly address issues with your internet and then try to send an email from your Verizon email account.

  • Clear Cache and Cookies From Your Web Browser

Your web browser is configured to store instances of the websites you visit (as a file) in its cache to provide faster accessibility the next time you open such sites. While the feature is useful in many ways, however, when the cache files become overloaded, it can lead to different issues and prevent you from performing different operations including issues sending emails from Verizon email. Therefore, it is always recommended to frequently clear the cache and cookies from your web browser to keep such issues at bay and have a better experience when browsing websites.

  • Check Your Verizon Email Server Settings

Verizon email is compatible with popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Mail. If you are facing trouble sending emails from your Verizon Email account configured on any such email clients, the problem could be occurring due to inadequate configuration or incorrect Verizon Email server settings. To know the correct Verizon email server settings, you can visit this page (

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  • Contact Verizon Support

If even after following the above-mentioned solutions you are unable to send emails using your Verizon email account, you can reach Verizon customer support for assistance. Below are the steps that you can follow to reach Verizon support.

  • Go to the Verizon support page using the address – You will be directed to the Contact Us page of Verizon.
  • On the Contact Us page, if you wish to seek assistance from Verizon support via chat, click on the Chat now button under the “Chat with Us” section.
  • Similarly, if you wish to reach out to Verizon social response team on Facebook Messenger, click on the Message us button under the “Connect with Us” section. Make sure to sign in to your Facebook account to send the message.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Call me button under the “Talk to Us” section to request a call back at your convenient time.

Following these suggestions are most likely to help you fix the problem of sending emails from your Verizon email account.

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