How to Change Your Password in Windows 10?


Password is the foremost barrier in your Windows 10 computer that protects your data and information from illegitimate intrusion or access. Having your account secured with a random password like your date of birth, surname, or your mother’s maiden name doesn’t mean that your account is safe against intrusion. When creating a password for your … Read more

How to Set Up Auto Login in Windows7?


Instead of entering your pin or password to access your Windows computer, you can set up an auto-login feature for your computer. With the auto-login feature enabled on your system, you won’t have to enter a password or pin each time you wish to access your account. While this feature is very useful for users … Read more

Create and Delete User Accounts in Windows 10?


Every time Microsoft comes up with a new version of windows, there are certain changes in the features and functionalities of the operating system. While some features are improved and introduced, some outdated ones are removed. Similar is the case with Windows 10 where numerous changes are noticeable. One of the noticeable changes in Windows … Read more

Windows 10 Search Not Working; How to Fix?

The search option in Windows 10 is an important feature that allows you to find anything stored or located on your computer (such as pictures, documents, apps, settings, emails, videos, system files) within a few clicks. What makes the feature more interesting is the integration of Windows Search with the Bing search engine. Using this … Read more

Unable to login to Windows Live Mail Account?


If you are experiencing issues signing into your Windows Live Mail account, it could be because of different reasons such as you are entering an incorrect password, the CapsLk key is enabled on your keyboard, your browser is automatically filling the old login credentials, or someone has hacked your account and changed the password of … Read more

How to Fix Error Code 0xc004f014 in Windows 10?


Error Code 0xc004f014 mainly occurs when trying to update or reinstall Windows on your computer. The error indicates that your computer is unable to reach Microsoft’s Key Management Service (KMS) for validating the copy of Windows. If you are facing this error with Windows 10, you can try fixing the issue by following the information … Read more

How To Download Microsoft Office For Free On Windows 10


Microsoft Office is basically an integrated suite of desktop productivity software applications which is designed keeping its use for office and business purposes. This suite of applications includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Outlook. While each application serves a different purpose, however, they are compatible with each other. If you wish to use … Read more