10 Free Email Services Without Phone Number Verification

Don’t favor sharing your phone number and still want to create an account? Guess you have landed on the right page. Here, you will stumble upon the best 10 free email services without phone verification. Furthermore, these email services don’t require your phone number; hence, you keep your privacy.

Best 10 Email Services Without Phone Verification (2022)

Here’s a list of the top 10 best free email services that don’t need your phone number to create an account. Check these out –

Mail.com – Best Free Email Service

Probably, the first free email service that comes to mind immediately is Mail.com. One of the most popular email services, Mail.com, doesn’t require phone verification.

It is owned by the internet company 1&1 Mail & Media Inc. and offers a free, advertising-supported email service aimed at private users medium- and small-sized businesses. Sign up for free without giving your mobile number and enjoy uninterrupted services. It also offers local and global news, covering sports, economic, political, technological, lifestyle, and entertainment topics. It also has a search engine enhanced by Google.

Amongst its top features, you get 2 GB space for your files, receive emails from different accounts in one place, emails can be accessed through tablet and mobile anytime and anywhere, and a simple interface to use.

Tutanota.com – End-to-End Encrypted Emails

Another platform to create your email account without giving out your phone number is Tutanota Mail. Creating an account. It offers an end-to-end encryption email service. Other top features of Tutanota.com are –

How to Register Tutanota Email Account
  • End-to-end encrypted email storage
  • End-to-end encryption of all international emails
  • End encryption of external recipients
  • Encrypted transmission (TLS)
  • U2F for second-factor authentication
  • TOTP for second-factor authentication
  • Encrypted data: Subject line, body, and attachments
  • 1 GB storage
  • Zero advertisements

ProtonMail – End-to-End Encrypted Emails

Another no-phone number verification email platform, ProtonMail, is a free email account offering 500 MB storage and 150 emails per day. First, go to the official website (link provided above) and look for the sign-up button. That’s all you need.

After creating an account, you can avail yourself of all the amazing and state-of-the-art features such as world-class security, built-in encryption, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, effortless adoption, management, take back control, protection anywhere, etc.

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Since this Switzerland-based email service offers encrypted emails, this piques everyone’s attention. Today, it boasts more than 20 million active users across the globe, which is a staggering figure (considering it was founded in 2013).

Yandex Mail – Free Reliable Email

Why should you create a free account with Yandex Mail without phone verification? It is smart, secure, personalized, and has 10 GB of storage.

Secure: Your emails are protected against spam and fraud, claims Yandex. You can log into the app with your PIN and fingerprint to make it faster.

Smart: Wonder how Yandex Mail is smart? It highlights emails received from real human beings or people. It sorts everything else into other folders. Isn’t it smart?

Personalized: You can always switch the appearance of your inbox to suit your mood.

10 GB Storage: With Yandex, you get 10 GB of huge cloud storage.

One Account: With your Mail account, you can access all of Yandex’s services.

Customizable: You can customize your Yandex Mail the way you want. It can look like your standard email client.

Unify Your Inboxes: It is crazy to have multiple Yandex inboxes under one mail account.

Built-in Antivirus: You need not worry about getting hacked when using Yandex Mail. It takes care of your online presence. Each incoming message is checked for viruses. If there’s a suspicious email, it sorts the same into the Spam folder.

Tempinbox.com – Free, Temporary, and Hassle-Free

If you are looking for a temporary email account without furnishing your mobile number, you need a Tempingbox email account. This is free, hassle-free, and temporary. Some of the great features that have impressed many people –

  • No set-up or registration is required to use.
  • It helps you avoid inbox clutter.
  • When you want to avoid revealing or disclosing your phone number and real name. But, it is not a fake email address.
  • It prevents spam.
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Guerrilla Mail – Free Disposable Email

This means you can create a temporary email. And guess what? There’s no obligation for phone number verification. Launched in 2006, Guerrilla Mail offers both the ability to receive and send emails. Using it is easy to log in, and a random email address is issued to you on each visit. If you want, you can set your address. Since it is a disposal email, your email will be kept for one hour before being deleted. As per Wikipedia, “Guerrilla Mail is useful when you don’t want to give out your real email address to register for a site.”

OpenMailBox – 5 GB Storage Space

It can come in handy for many users who wish to have a free anonymous email account. Although it doesn’t need phone verification, you avail of yourself a massive 5 GB storage space and a file attachment of 500 MB (size) in a single message. OpemMailBox is a fast and easy email service with offers comparable to Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail. Furthermore, you can create an email account with your preferred language – English, Polish, Italian, Irish, French, etc. Just visit the website and sign up for a free account.

Inbox.live – Ad-free & Secure Email

No phone verification, yet you got your free email address. When you sign up with inbox.live, you get an email address with MeMail – the ultimate email service. Moreover, this email is ad-free and secure. You get 1 GB storage and get organized with Calendar & Contacts. Visit the URL mentioned above to select your unique email addresses for your profession, personality, and location. Inbox.live is powered by MS Outlook.

  • Unique Email Addresses
  • MeMail on the Web
  • Ad-Free & Secure Work Space
  • Certified Data Protection
  • Unified Inbox
  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Use with Your Email App
  • You Are in Charge
  • MeMail Management Tools

Mailinator – Millions of Inboxes. All Yours

Want to keep your dark secrets? Mailinator is the ultimate destination for you. You don’t have to register for an email address. Instead, go to the website and start using it. Here are the top features – Private Domains, Instant Inbox Creation, Increased Flexibility and Visibility, and Email and SMS Load Testing.

Email on Desk – Free & Fast

You can create temporary email accounts in two easy steps. Email on Desk is free and simple, used by professionals worldwide, constantly being securely deleted, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly, etc. When you want to create an account without phone verification, ensure that you are not a bot.

That’s the list for you. So, go ahead and create an email address with any one of the platforms of your choice without adding a phone number.

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