How to Create a Strong Password in Yahoo Mail?

Your password is the main line of defence against any sort of online threats such as hacking or phishing. If you don’t use a password strong enough to keep your account protected against such intrusion, the vulnerability of your account becomes high. Therefore, it is recommended to create a strong password for your email account. If you are using a Yahoo Mail account and wish to create a strong password for it, we have a provided a list of suggestions below that you can consider.

Guide to Create a Strong Password for Yahoo Mail

1.) Create Long Password

Creating a long password discourages hackers from predicting your password easily. However, while doing so, try to add some capital letters, special characters, and numbers to make it impossible for hackers to guess your password even in multiple attempts.

2.) Avoid using Common Phrase

Common phrases like a dialogue from Hamlet, or from a famous movie should be completely avoided. You should always try to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

3.) Avoid Using the Same Password for Other Accounts

If you are adding a password to your Yahoo Mail account which you have already in use for other accounts, it will make both the accounts vulnerable in case either of them gets hacked.

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4.) Do Not Use Running Letters or Sequences

Neither use running letters of your keyboard such as “QWERTY” nor use number sequences such as “123456”. These are very easy to guess for even a first-time hacker.

5.) Change Your Password at Regular Intervals

You should never use the same password for a long time considering the rise in account breaching reports. Therefore, try to keep changing your Yahoo Mail password every few months.

6.) Add Additional Security Features

Yahoo Mail is known for offering additional security features like Two-Step Verification. This feature helps the user by offering an additional layer of security. Two-Step verification feature works by sending a security code to your phone number each time you or someone else tries to access your account from a new device or browser.

To activate this feature in your Yahoo Mail account:

  • Go to the Account info option by clicking on your profile name located on the top-right corner of your Yahoo Mail account’s page.
  • Under Account info, go to the Account security page and locate the two-step verification option.
  • Simply click on the slider option next to the Two-Step Verification
  • After that, follow the on-screen prompts to enable the two-step verification for your Yahoo Mail account.

So, these are ways you can create a strong password for your Yahoo Mail account and enhance the security of it.

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