How to Block Email Sender in Yahoo Mail?

Getting spam emails in the Yahoo Mail account every now and then is quite common. However, getting them in bulk on daily basis can be very frustrating. Spam emails are not only responsible for flooding your inbox with unwanted emails but also some of them (phishing emails) are capable of making your account vulnerable to hacking and other potential online threats. If you are also receiving a lot of spam emails in your Yahoo Mail account and looking for an appropriate solution to it, go through the information provided below to get rid of the issue.

How to Block Spam Emails in Yahoo Mail

Mark or Report Spam Emails to Yahoo Mail

1.) On your computer, log into your Yahoo Mail account and go to the Spam email.

2.) After selecting or opening the spam email, click on the Spam option located in the top section of your Yahoo Mail account’s webpage.

3.) Another way to mark or report an email is by right-clicking and selecting This is spam option from the drop-down list after opening or selecting the spam email. The selected messages will be moved to the Spam folder.

4.) Moreover, Yahoo Mail also provides an option to categorize Spam email according to their relevancy on the basis of the following options:

  • Report Spam
  • Report a Hacked Account
  • Report Phishing Scam
  • Not My Mail

5.) You need to choose the appropriate option as per the relevancy of the Spam email you received. The above-mentioned options are located in the upper section of your Yahoo Mail account’s page, next to the Delete option.

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Unsubscribe from Unwanted Services

If you are getting unwanted emails from someone whom you might have subscribed to unknowingly, you can stop receiving emails from them by unsubscribing from their mailing lists. To unsubscribe, simply click on the Unsubscribe option which is usually located in the bottom section of a subscribed email. In case you have doubt about the authenticity of the email, make sure to mark it as spam as well.

Block Sender in Yahoo Mail

In addition to reporting Spam emails, Yahoo Mail also provides an option to block the email address of the sender from whom you are getting unwanted emails.

1.) To block an email address, click on the Settings (Gear icon) option located on the top-right corner of your Yahoo Mail account’s page. A drop-down menu will appear.

2.) From the drop-down menu that appears on your screen, select the Settings option. A Settings window will pop out on your screen.

3.) In the Settings window, click on the Blocked Addresses option and enter the email address of the sender whom you wish to block in the provided field.

4.) Once you have entered the email address, click on the Block button and then on the Save button.

5.) After saving the email address in the Blocked Addresses section, you will not receive an email from the sender whose email address you would have blocked.

So, this is how you can handle spam emails and block senders from sending spam emails to your Yahoo Mail account.

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