EarthLink Email Not Working; How to Fix?

EarthLink is a popular internet service provider, the second-largest ISP after America Online. Not only does EarthLink is regarded for offering internet access, but it also offers premium email, web hosting, and privacy and data security products and services. While most of the services offered by EarthLink are reliable and come with excellent customer service, some users have reported about their EarthLink email not working properly. If you are also experiencing issues with your EarthLink email account such as undelivered messages, missing emails, or spamBlocker catching a message it should not, you can follow the suggestions provided below.

Ways to Fix EarthLink Email Not Working

Undelivered Messages

If a sender has sent you a message which becomes corrupted or is too large, it might get trapped in your inbox and prevent you from downloading emails using an email program. EarthLink webmail moves such undeliverable emails out of your WebMail inbox into the Undeliverable Mail folder. When you move such emails out of your Inbox, it allows you to download the rest of your emails.

When this occurs, you will be sent an email notifying that you have a stuck email. So, log in to Web Mail and go to the Undeliverable mail folder to check the message. However, if the message is corrupt, you might not be able to open it.

Also, it is to be noted that messages in the Undeliverable Mail folder get deleted automatically after 14 days. If you wish to a stuck message, consider moving it to another Web Mail folder, move it to the Inbox if you will looking to try to download it again.

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Missing Email Messages

The following two are the common reasons for emails missing from Web Mail.

  1. If you download your emails instead of viewing them online, they will no longer be available in Web Mail. This is because Web Mail functions directly on the email server itself. It is just like standing at the mailbox to read your message and pay bills. An email program works by downloading the messages from the server and removing them from there during the process. This means that when you check your email using an email program, the emails you receive might not be available on Web Mail.

However, email programs do offer the “Leave messages on server” option. This feature will make your email program leave a copy of them on the server, so they are accessible in the Web Mail as well.

  • Not all messages appear when you download messages to an email program. This is generally because you might have moved those messages into folders in Web Mail. Once the messages are in a Web Mail folder other than the Inbox folder, your email program will not be able to download emails. In order to download such messages to your email program, consider moving them into your Inbox folder in Web Mail.

Web Mail is known for using the “IMAP” protocol which allows you to arrange your emails into folders while they are still available on the email server. If you use an email program to check email, you are using the “POP3” protocol. POP3 is a simple method of receiving email; it logs in and downloads every message which is currently available in your Inbox.

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So, when you move your emails into a folder, you basically take them out of the Inbox, where POP3 can’t get access to them.

SpamBlocker Blocks a Message Which It Should Not

In certain conditions, if you have enabled spamBlocker, an email from a contact that is in your Address Book may accidentally be stored in your Suspect Email folder. If this ever occurs, you will need to click or tap on the Update spamBlocker Addresses button located on the top of your Address Book. Doing so will instruct spamBlocker to recognize emails from the address in the future. Although this problem is rare, EarthLink is working to rectify the problem in the next version of Web Mail.

Following these workarounds as suggested above are most likely to help fix the EarthLink email not working.

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