How to Forward Emails from ProtonMail to Another Email?

Although ProtonMail is appreciated for offering better security compared to most of the email services available, thanks to its end-to-end encryption feature, some users still wish to forward emails from their ProtonMail account to another email account. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Certain useful features in the webmail client are missing which are important for making usage productive.
  • The calendar feature available is in Beta mode, lacking features such as sending invites.
  • Incompatibility with third-party apps and services.

One of the best ways to forward emails from your ProtonMail account is using Gmail (G-Suite). To know about the forwarding process, follow the instructions provided below.

Things You Will Need

  • You should be a ProtonMail Pro user
  • You have installed the ProtonMail bridge and configured it properly.
  • Outlook is synced with your ProtonMail account.

Steps to Forwarding Emails from ProtonMail Account to Another Email

  1. Save Your ProtonMail Email Messages to a Local PST File
  • Go to the Outlook File menu on your Outlook email program and select the Open/Export feature.
  • Here, you will need to use the export to a PST file option. You can then select the folders that you wish to export.

NOTE: Make sure that you have synchronized all your ProtonMail emails before exporting them. In case you have configured your ProtonMail bridge and connected Outlook for the first time, this may take a while. And, be not worried as PST emails have all emails including the attachments in them.

  • Activate Gmail For Your G Suite Organization

Before following the next step after exporting your ProtonMail, make sure that you have enabled Gmail for your G Suite organization. In case you are just signing up for G Suite, consider running the G Suite Setup Wizard. Also, note that you do so an hour before as this process goes beyond just configuring email for your business.

  • Download and Execute the G Suite Migration for Outlook App from Google

The next step will require you to download and run the G Suite Migration for the Microsoft Outlook application from Google. This app will help you upload your PST file to your Gmail account. Here, you will need to sign in with a Google account to which you wish to upload the PST file. For a PST file of 5 GB, it may take around 8 hours, however, the duration may also depend on the speed of your internet. Also, it is to be noted that the file is uploaded from your local PC to Google. If your connection gets interrupted, you can always re-run the tool and upload the data.

  • Sign Into Your Gmail Account to Check if All Emails Are There

Once the import process will get completed, you can sign in to your Gmail account to see if all the emails have been imported successfully. You can find the emails in an Imported Inbox label located generally in the left-hand side navigation of Gmail.

  • Change The MX Records

Go to the Settings section of Gmail in your G Suite Admin panel. Click on the MX Setup instructions link to get complete information on how to change the MX records.

  • Remove the Connected Domain from ProtonMail

Now, you will need to navigate to the ProtonMail settings, domains and delete the connected domain. Also, you may need to remove the DNS records that you may have added when connecting ProtonMail to your domain.

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NOTE: If you wish to export your ProtonMail contacts as well, you can do so by exporting them to a VCF file, and then importing them to your Google contacts.

And, this is how you can easily forward emails from your ProtonMail account to another email account.

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