How to Create account in GoDaddy


GoDaddy leads the ranking when it comes to the services of hosting websites. Millions of users take the services of GoDaddy. Its own data centers and customer support forms the basis of its widespread use. The technologies and the advance systems provided by it are updated to meet the requirements of modern needs. The on-site … Read more

How to Create an Online Bitcoin Wallet?


Cryptocurrencies are turning out to be the most expensive currencies throughout the world. Out of these varied cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the one that has garnered the highest reputation and acceptance worldwide. As the value of Bitcoin is growing day by day, it has made people curious about having a Bitcoin wallet of their own. So, … Read more

Set up, Delete and Edit Google Alerts in Gmail

Set up Google Alerts in Gmail

Google Alerts is an amazing feature for Gmail users who wish to get updates about their relevant interests and preference. Google Alerts is basically a content change detection and notification tool which sends a notification email to the user each time it finds a new result like newspaper articles, pages, blogs, or scientific research. The … Read more

How to Synchronize Outlook Data with Yahoo?


Most of us use more than one email account to manage our personal and private email accounts. Instead of accessing your email accounts separately, you can easily access them simultaneously using the Microsoft Outlook email program. Microsoft Outlook allows you to easily synchronize your email accounts to Outlook and have easy access to all your … Read more

Ways to Recover Password In Zoho Mail Account?


If you have forgotten your Zoho Mail account password or your account has been hacked, you can recover your account by resetting the password for it. To know how to recover the password for your Zoho Mail account, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below. Steps to Recover Zoho Mail Account As Zoho Mail has different … Read more

Set Up Domain Forwarding in Yahoo Small Business?


Domain forwarding is somehow similar to a web page redirecting a user or visitor to another website. However, instead of using a script or HTML for redirecting, the domain name itself redirects to another website.  If you are also looking to set up Domain Forwarding in Yahoo Small Business, you can do so by following … Read more

How Do I Contact Yahoo Small Business Support


Yahoo Small Business is a perfect platform for those business owners and professionals who wish to bring their business or profession online. With Yahoo Small Business, you get to build your own online stores using Yahoo Small Business services such as Yahoo Web Hosting, Yahoo Business Email, Yahoo DomainKeys, Yahoo Store, Yahoo Merchant Solutions, etc. … Read more

How to Reset Outlook Password?


Forgetting password for your Outlook account is quite common, however, if you remember the password for your Outlook account and if still, you are unable to access your account, then there is a possibility that your Outlook account might have been hacked by someone who breached your security and changed the password for your Outlook … Read more