ProtonMail Vs Gmail Comparison

When it comes to email service providers, Google Gmail is one of the well-known companies that come to mind. Considering the immense popularity of Gmail, most of the users’ preferred choice for business email is Gmail. However, as every now and then issues with data privacy and security keep on emerging with Gmail and other free email services, users are now preferring to switch to email services offering complete privacy. This is where one name ProtonMail has gain popularity. Thanks to its enhanced data protection feature, ProtonMail ensures that not email and other information from your email account is shared and accessed by the company with anyone. While ProtonMail offers data security, you might need to compromise on certain features offered by Gmail. In this guide, you will find a brief comparison of services offered by Gmail and ProtonMail.

Comparison Between Gmail and ProtonMail


The core advantage of Gmail is its integration with various Google services such as Google Drive, Google One, Google Docs, Contacts, and Calendar. When you use any of these Google services, you get the access to leverage connected advantages of the different Google services. From a business perspective, this integration helps minimize the complexity.

On the other hand, the main advantage of ProtonMail is its privacy and security feature. Credit to the strict Swiss privacy laws, you can be assured that only you will be having control of your emails. This email service is known for encrypting your whole inbox in such a manner that even the service provider is unable to decrypt it. However, this feature comes with a down point that you can’t search through the emails considering that the content is encrypted.

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VPN Factor

ProtonMail is also known for offering paid options with added features. If you can afford to pay, even more, you will also be able to access the ProtonVPN service provided by the same provider. Both these service offers your security and privacy not only for email but also for the general browsing.


Emails sent and received between ProtonMail accounts are always encrypted from end to end. This not only ensures extra secrecy of your emails within your account (especially for businesses) but also to the emails that you sent to the recipient’s ProtonMail account. In comparison to this, Gmail doesn’t offer any encryption feature and even analyses the contents of users’ email account for marketing purposes.

Calendar Feature

For many email client users, Calendar is an important feature, especially those belonging to businesses. This feature is offered by Gmail as well as an option to automatically include meeting invites in your calendar. On the other side, no such calendar is available in ProtonMail, however, it does allow you to use an external calendar app, as well as be able to import an ICS calendar invite file to it.


In their own ways, both Gmail and ProtonMail have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can choose between ProtonMail and Google Gmail.

So, this is the comparison that can help you know which email service suits your requirements best.

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