How To Recover Godaddy Email Password?

If you don’t remember your Godaddy email password, you will not be able to access it. In order to get access to your Godaddy email account, you will need to reset the password for it. To know how to reset your Godaddy email password, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide below.

Steps to Recover Godaddy Email Password

1.) Go to the Godaddy login page and sign in to your account.

2.) Once you are logged into your account, click on the email address which you wish to edit.

NOTE: Hovering the mouse cursor over the email address will pop out a window. In the window, you can click on the Edit option and continue.

3.) Next, you will need to enter the password in the Change password field and re-enter it in the Confirm Password field.

4.) Then, click on the Save option. The password for your Godaddy email will be reset.

NOTE: It can take up to 30 minutes for your new password to take effect. In case your new password doesn’t let you access your Godaddy email account, wait for some time before trying to access your account again.

Moreover, if you are looking to reset your cPanel email password, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Steps to Reset cPanel Email Passwords

Depending on the condition that whether or not you remember your current password, there are two methods to change the cPanel email password. Both methods are provided below.

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Method 1

1.) Sign in to your Godaddy account and click on the Web Hosting option.

2.) Once you are in the Web Hosting section, click on the Manage option located next to the cPanel account.

3.) Under the Manage option, click on the cPanel Admin option.

4.) Next, go to the Email section, you will need to click on the Email Accounts or Accounts option.

5.) Then, click on the Lock icon or Change Password option located next to the email account you wish to use.

6.) After that, simply complete the on-screen instructions and click on the Change Password option to complete the cPanel email password reset process.

Method 2

In order to change your cPanel email password, make sure that you are able to sign in to your account (meaning that you remember the current password for your account)

1.) On your web browser, go to the http://your domain name/webmail”.

2.) Sign in to your cPanel webmail account.

3.) Next, click on the Change Password option. You will be directed to the next page.

4.) On this page, provide the information for the prompted fields, and then click on the Change Password option.

5.) Your cPanel email password will be changed.

So, this is how you can your Godaddy email password and cPanel email password.

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