Facebook Chat Problems and Solutions

“I wanted to send a message using Facebook chat, but when I pressed enter after writing the message; it didn’t work.

This is annoying for a Facebook user.”

Facebook introduced the Facebook chat feature and users feel blessed about it. Now, you don’t need to use any other instant messenger for chatting; you can use Facebook’s own chat messenger and can do chatting with your Facebook contacts.

Fix Your Facebook Messenger Chat Problems

We should understand that Facebook is not free from any issue or problem. Yes, Facebook chatting has some common issues faced by the users and which is really annoying when you want to go ahead in the conversation. We are discussing some of those common issues here; so you can be able to fix them easily.

Message failed to send/receive 

This is a common issue when you are about to send some message on your Facebook chat, but it got failed. This is really annoying; you don’t know what to do now. Well, we have a quick fix for you to get rid of this issue.

  • Check your internet connection – The poor internet connection could be a reason, simply fix it and try again
  • Update your browser – This is recommended to use latest or updated browser; if needed, then get the latest updates
  • Are you blocked from sending messages? – When someone blocked you, you couldn’t be able to send messages. You can ask to unblock if possible, else there is no solution

The Facebook chat sidebar isn’t loading

The Facebook chat sidebar isn’t working or loading properly; you can easily turn it in from settings and then use Turn on Chat. It will work in most cases; but if it won’t work, you can simply make a request to Facebook help click here.

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Approaching a limit to send messages

This is really annoying when someone keeps sending you messages. You couldn’t help it if Facebook hasn’t introduced the limitation of sending messages. Facebook introduced this feature to prevent behavior that others may find annoying or abusive; so you have a limitation.

When you get any such messages; make sure you are using them decently. Additionally, you should avoid sending a lot of messages in a small period of time as it violates the policy of Facebook. And you will be blocked temporarily.

Unwanted users

You can’t judge someone on just the basis of his/her profile. Sometimes, a few users are so annoying when you have eventually messaged them. This is a real concern for individuals, who don’t wish to get in touch with them. You have an ultimate solution; you can block such users or contacts to send you messages.

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