Why is My Roadrunner Email Not Working?

If you ever find your Roadrunner email account to be not working as expected, there can be numerous reasons responsible for causing the problem. The reason can be anything from a poor internet connection to improper configuration of the Roadrunner email account on a third-party email client. Below you can find the most common reasons with their solutions to fix “Roadrunner Email Not Working” issues.

Common Solutions to Fix “Roadrunner Email is Not Working” Issue

NOTE: The RoadRunner brand was replaced with the Time Warner Cable (TWC) brand name, and later TWC was acquired by Charter Communications. The service is now known as Spectrum Internet.

  1. Make Sure That Your Internet is Working Properly

The first thing you will need to make sure is that your internet network is functioning as expected properly. To check it, you can open the desired website on your browser and see if it is loading normally or not. In case the website is not loading properly, check the issue with your internet before accessing your Roadrunner email account.  However, if the internet is working fine, the problem lies with something else.

  1. Use Another Web Browser

Sometimes a web browser on which you are trying to access your Roadrunner email account can also be responsible for causing the issue. To check if the problem is being caused due to your web browser, it is suggested to access your email account on another browser. If you are experiencing the same problem on the new web browser as well, it means the problem is not being caused due to the browser. However, if you are able to access your Roadrunner email account on another browser without any issue, you will need to identify the issues with your previous browser before you can use it again to access your email account.

  1. Check Browser Enhancements

A browser enhancement installed on your web browser is another most common cause behind Roadrunner Email not working. If there is any plug-in or add-on installed on your browser, you may want to disable them before you can access your Roadrunner email account.

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The best way to disable such browser extensions is by using a private browsing window in your browser. The private browsing window doesn’t load extensions and allows you to access websites without them. If you are able to access your account without any issue in a private browser, it means the problem lies with one of the extensions installed on your browser. You will need to disable each extension (one at a time) to identify which one is causing the problem. Once you identify it, simply disable it in your browser.

  1. Check Antivirus Program and Firewall

Sometimes an antivirus program or firewall settings can also prevent your Roadrunner email account from functioning properly. To check that, you will need to disable security programs (one at a time) installed on your system and then access your Roadrunner email account. If you find your email account to be functioning normally after disabling any of these security programs, you will need to check that particular security program and overcome the cause.

NOTE: If the security program is preventing your web browser from accessing the Roadrunner email, you can create an exception for that web browser in the security program. However, it is to be noted that doing so will make your device vulnerable to potential online threats.

  1. Check Roadrunner Email IMAP/POP Settings

If you have set up your Roadrunner email account on a third-party email account like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail, make sure that you have configured your Roadrunner email with correct IMAP/POP settings as mentioned below.

  • Username: Your complete Spectrum email address
  • Password: Your Spectrum email password
  • SSL: On
  • Protocol: IMAP
  • Port: 993
  • Port: 587
  • Requires Authentication: Yes, or checked
  • Incoming Email Server: mail.twc.com
  • Outgoing Email Server: mail.twc.com
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So, these are the common solutions that should help your fix “Roadrunner Email is Not Working” issue.

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