How To Resolve AOL Mail Attachment Problems?

AOL Mail is one of the most preferred email service providers among the majority of users. Millions of people worldwide trust AOL Mail for sending or receiving emails to their friends, families, and colleagues. One not only can send simple email messages using AOL Mail but also files as an attachment. While the process of sending a file attachment is simple, however, some users may find trouble carrying out the task due to different reasons. If you are also facing a similar issue and looking to resolve AOL Mail attachment problems, you can follow the workarounds provided below in this guide.

Ways to Resolve AOL Mail Attachment Problems

  1. Check the File Size

As a security measure, every email service is known for putting a restriction on the size of the email you can send. AOL Mail is also known for restricting the email size and allows users to send an email attachment with not more than 25 MB size. If the size of the email attachment exceeds the 25 MB, you will not be able to send the email with your AOL Mail account. You will either need to reduce the size or look for an alternative way to send the email.

  • Check the File Type

Another reason that could be preventing you from sending a file attachment in your AOL Mail account is the type or extension of your file. In order to prevent the security of your AOL Mail account, you might face issues attaching certain types of file extension as they could contain viruses or malware that can infest AOL Mail’s server and recipient’s account or device on which they access the attachment. In such a case, it is suggested to consider sending the file with an alternative extension to avoid file attachment failure.

  • Check the File Name

If you have added any special character to the name of the file that you are trying to attach in your AOL Mail, you might not be able to do so. In such a case, it is recommended to consider changing the name of the file to just alphabets and numbers, and then try to attach it. You are most likely to get your file attached to the email.

  • Scan the File

Before you try to attach a file to your outgoing email message in AOL Mail, it is always best to scan it using an antivirus program to ensure that it doesn’t contain any virus or malware. AOL Mail scan’s the file you attach to avoid the possibility of any threat that could harm its platform or recipient’s device and email account. Once you are done scanning a file and you don’t find any threat with it, you can attach it to your AOL Mail.

  • Use Alternative Ways to Send Files

Following the above-mentioned steps should help you resolve AOL Mail attachments issues in most cases. However, if the problem is occurring due to the large file size, you can consider using an alternative method such as a file compression software. Using a file compression software, you can reduce the size of the file to bring it under 25 MB. Once you have reduced to the size of the file, you will be easily able to attach to your AOL Mail and send it to your desired recipient. There are several file compression software available online that can help you shrink the size of your file without compromising on the quality.

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So, these are the different workarounds that can help you fix file attachments issues in your AOL Mail account, and help you easily share them to your desired recipients.

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