List Of Best Email Apps For Android

Android devices allow a user to carry out almost all computer-related tasks, be it at a professional front or personal level. It has been seen that one of the top-most uses of an Android device is to perform email-related tasks. While being a Google product, Android uses Gmail as its default email application; however, there are numerous other useful email apps available in the Google Play Store that you can use if you are looking for an alternative. To know about the different alternatives to the Gmail app on your Android device, you can go through a list of best email apps for Android provided below.

List of 10 Best Email Apps for Android

  1. Microsoft Outlook

The latest Outlook can be considered an ideal replacement for Google’s Gmail app. If you haven’t seen the revamped look of the Outlook app, well you should be ready for the surprise. The reimagined Outlook app is not even a fraction of its boring enterprise-grade Windows program which hardly anyone liked. Microsoft has left no stone unturned in bringing a beautiful, smart, and user-friendly email app for Android. Not only with Microsoft’s own email service, but this app also works effortlessly with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail.

  1. Yahoo Mail

Though the security debacle a couple of years back may not make Yahoo Mail a preferred email service to use on your Android device, Yahoo has worked hard in making the app reliable, thanks to security features like Account Key and Two-Step Verification. If you can trust the two-decades-old Yahoo Mail for the security, you are surely going to love what it offers in terms of features and user-friendliness.  You can add multiple email accounts to Yahoo Mail (including non-Yahoo mail accounts too), organize and filter your emails, compose customized emails, and much more.

  1. Yandex Mail

If you are looking for a secure email application that offers protection against spam and fraud and comes free, Yandex.Mail can be a great choice. This Russian email service is not only known for providing security features like PIN and Fingerprint authentication to access the app but also for highlighting emails from real people and sorting other emails to separate folders. Moreover, with Yandex.Mail, you get the option to personalize the appearance of the app to suit your mood and enjoy  10 GB of free cloud storage at Yandex.Disk.

  1. Spark Email

Though Spark Email is just a year old email service, it has swiftly gained a lot of attention among the users. The email service has caught the right nerves by offering a lot of basic yet important features such as email snoozing, email scheduling, emails pinning, reminders, and undo sent messages. In addition to being feature-loaded, the app has a clean UI as well as the option to view each email address separately or together in a distinct universal inbox. One of the highlights of this app is its Smart Inbox which filters out trash messages in favor of only the important ones. Want to add another email address to it, well, it checks the boxes in that category as well.

  1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an excellent email program for those who give priority to security over everything else. The Android application is known for providing end-to-end email encryption, which means that only two people are able to read your email (you and the person you send email to). Also, the app features OpenPGP support, which is a self-destructing email (wherever supported), as well as typical options like labels and organization features. Yes, this email service stores the emails on a server, however, it is completely encrypted and no one can read them, not even ProtonMail itself.

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  1. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a subscription-based email service which is designed to ease the email organization. It works effortlessly with almost all popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, and all IMAP accounts. Moreover, Newton Mail is known for enhancing your email experience with features like Snooze, Email Scheduling, Undo Send, Send Later, Sender Profile, and many others.

  1. TypeApp Email

TypeApp email is another email client that you can use to carry out your email-related tasks on Android easily. This run-of-the-mill email app is capable of doing all jobs you would want it to do, such as compatibility with other email services, push notifications, wireless printing support, unified inbox, rich text emails, etc. The app is simple but is capable of doing more than you expect it to.

  1. Edison Mail

What’s best about Edison Mail is its quick on boarding, customizable touch gestures, and ease of managing folders. The most highlighting feature you would find in Edison Mail is the automatic bundling of emails related to Bills& Receipts, Packages, Entertainment, and Travel. While the app is almost at par with Gmail for its automatic labeling, it lacks the detection of social and promotional emails. However, it makes up for it by providing a useful feature that combines all newsletters in your inbox into a scroll-able list with an unsubscribing option (X sign) next to each subscribed newsletter.

  1. BlueMail

While the look of the BlueMail app may not attract you when you open it for the first time, however, as you will navigate through the different features, you will find that it has more than the required features to meet your mailing requirements. From the popular contacts, snoozed emails, and read emails section, to customizable view and multiple theme options, BlueMail has pretty much everything to make it an ideal email app for your Android device.

  1. Spike Mail

You may have seen numerous email applications trying hard to convert email threads into chat interface, but Spike Mail does it the best way. This chat-like experience and intuitive user interface make Spike Mail the last suggestion for the best email apps for Android. Not only the interface is what makes Spike mail is an ideal option but also the useful options like a convenience for media attachments, options for sharing files from saved cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive), creating and sending doodles, locating and adding GIFs, and much more. If all these features seem to be useful for your email jobs, you can surely go with the Spike Mail.

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So, these are the top 10 email apps that you can use for your Android device.

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