Troubleshooting Steps to Follow If Can’t Send Mails from Yandex Mail?

If you can’t send mail from Yandex Mail, check out the following causes (possible), and their quick fixes.

Can’t Send Mail from Yandex Mail| Causes & Quick Fixes

“An error occurred

This message cannot be sent because it looks like spam. It’s possible that you have sent too many messages today.

Your ability to send messages will be restored in approximately 24 hours after you stop trying to send messages. More information about the causes of this error can be read here.”

After receiving this error message, the Yandex Mail wondered what was wrong with his account because he only created the Yandex Mail the same day and tried to send the very first mail.

It’s strange, isn’t it?

If you, too, come across such an email from Yandex, you have no other choice except waiting for 24 hours.

If you can’t wait this long, you might try out the following troubleshooting steps. We have covered all possible causes and their fixes.Take a look here –

  • Poor Internet Connection: Let’s begin with the basics. If you can’t send emails from your Yandex Mail, check for an active internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi is working perfectly fine. Fix that if there’s an internet issue on your system.
  • Invalid Recipient Address:You received the above error message because you tried to send too many emails to the same recipient. Why don’t you check the email address of the recipient one more time and confirm it with the concerned person? If you have got the wrong email address, collect the valid one immediately.
  • Error Message When Sending Emails:Error message? Which message is it?
  • “The message can’t be sent: the total size of attachments is more than 25 MB”:Since you couldn’t send an email because the attachment size was more than 25 MB, try to send attachments that don’t exceed 25 MB. Easy?
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If you still wish to send or upload more files, attach all your files through Yandex.Disk

  • “An error occurred when sending the message. Code: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6”:Can you try sending the email again? It should work. If it didn’t help, reach out to the Yandex Contact Support through the feedback form.
  • Getting Non-Delivery Message:If you can’t send an email from Yandex Mail because the mail server is responding with a non-delivery report, you should try out the following solutions.
  • Wrongly Configured SPF Records:You are facing issues possibly because – wrongly configured SPF record or configuration of additional SPF record. To fix these, you need to complete the verification of the configuration of the SPF record. It should be done for the domain you are using.
  • ‘Callout Verification Failed’ Error:This error often surfaces when mail service is activated for the domain on the server of the registrar. You must try deactivating the mail service from the server of the registrar or the hosting provider. This quite fixes the issue.
  • Messages Are Being Delivered to Spam Folder:This issue can be resolved by configuring both the SPF record and SKIM signature for the domain. Check if you are still facing the issue? If you do, contact Yandex Customer Support immediately.

Is your email not getting delivered after the domain settings are correctly configured? You may like to visit the Yandex Help section for instant solutions.

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