Cox Email Not Working – Main Causes and Their Top Solutions

Are you, by any chance, using the Cox’s Internet service? If yes, you can create up to 10 email accounts with a storage capacity of 2 GB each. Isn’t it so intriguing?

When it comes to performance and email security, Cox leaves no stone unturned to offer the best mailing experience. Despite all the efforts from the email service provider, users of Cox often encounter various issues that not only trouble them but also stop them from accessing their emails. In this blog, we will discuss the main causes and their solutions to your Cox Email are not working issue.

Cox Email Not Working Properly – Let’s Fix

One of the most sophisticated email technologies, Cox Email allows users to accomplish a wide range of tasks easily. However, users of Cox Email are vulnerable too. They are prone to countless email errors and technical glitches that prevent them from making the most out of it. Let’s take a look and understand the top reasons why the Cox Email is not working.

  • Cox Email Not Working due to Sign-in Problem: Not able to sign-in to your Cox Email is one of the most frequent issues. This happens when you enter incorrect your login credentials. You can’t log into your account in case of forgotten the password. Go to the recovery page, use the security questions, retrieve the password, and log in again.
  • Cox Email Not Working Because You Have Exceeded the Sending Limit: Another reason why your Cox Email is not working because you have sent too many emails. Cox has a certain limit of the number of emails that you send in a particular day. Make sure you are not exceeding the daily limit.
  • Entering Wrong Recipient’s email Address: You are trying to send an email. The recipient is waiting to receive the same but it is not happening. Reason? You have entered the wrong email address. Type in the correct email address while composing an email.
  • Cox Email Not Working Because Browser Not Compatible: If you are accessing your Cox Email on Firefox and it started showing some error, try out any other browser such as Chrome. You wouldn’t face any error here. Sometimes, your preferred web browser needs to be updated from time to time or, at least, when it asks for it. Using the older version of the browser might cause your email from performing correctly.
  • Cox Email Account Is Blocked: Has Cox blocked your email account? When this happens, you cannot access your account. Also, you need to ensure you are not breaking any rules and guidelines set by Cox. Although these blocks are temporary, you should be more careful while using the Cox email.
  • Cox Email Not Working Because Account Is Hacked: Can’t log into your Cox Email account? Suspecting third-party intrusion? Maybe, your account has been hacked? You can get over the issue by resetting the password. Contact the Cox Customer Support if the hackers have changed the password recovery option. Next time you create an account, you have to be extra cautious. Only create a strong, secure password that is hard to guess.
  • Can’t Receive Emails due to Storage Issues: Since you are only given 2 GB of storage space, chances are that you might have consumed all of it. Delete old emails (that are unnecessary).
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Cox Email Issues with Windows

Can’t access your Cox Email on Windows? Here are some possible solutions

  • Clear cookies and caches from the web browser
  • Check for good Internet connection
  • Reset server settings (IMAP/ POP settings)
  • Remove third-party software extensions

Hope this guide comes in handy in fixing Cox Email issues.

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