How to Create a Blockchain Wallet account?

A Blockchain wallet is an online application that allows users to store and transfer Bitcoins as a payment to any person in any part of the world with a couple of steps. Blockchain wallet is a free service that makes sending and receiving Bitcoins easy and operational without any requirement for Bitcoin Client software.

A user must be connected to a Bitcoin network in order to transfer Bitcoins. As it is encrypted by cryptography, cracking it is absolutely impossible. If you are looking to create a Bitcoin account in a Blockchain wallet, follow the information provided below in this guide.

Creating a Bitcoin Wallet is similar to creating a savings account in the bank. Like you deposit your money in your saving account, similarly, you store Bitcoins with a Blockchain wallet. You can convert your Bitcoins to cash whenever you want or even make payments for any services you use. To know how to create a Bitcoin account with a Blockchain wallet, follow these steps:

Steps to Create a Bitcoin Account With Blockchain Wallet

Go to Blockchain Website

1.) Go to the link and select the Wallet option from the list located at the top of the webpage.

2.) After selecting the wallet option, you will need to create a New BlockChain Wallet account. For that, you will need to click on the Wallet button and then on the SIGN-UP option on the next page.

3.) On the next page, you will see a registration form where you will be asked to enter your Email and Password. Simply use your email address and create a new password for this account.

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NOTE: Make sure to use a combination of Lowercase, Uppercase Alphabets, Special Characters, Numbers when creating a password for your account.

4.) Your Blockchain wallet account will get created. You will just need to press the Get Started option to get to your account’s dashboard.

5.) Once you are on your Blockchain dashboard page, you will see 0 BTC appearing in your account (as you haven’t added any Bitcoin to it). Just like you get a 14 or 16 digit unique account number for your saving bank account, similarly, you get a 34 digits Alpha Numeric characters unique BTC address for your BTC account. To get this BTC address, you will need to click on the Receive button. The BTC Address will appear something like this – 13443HTWvi……….PRMtKMBALBaDprg9o.

Verify your Email Address

6.) After that, make sure to verify the email address which you added to your blockchain wallet during the sign-up process. For this, sign in to the email account which you linked to your wallet and open the email that you would have received by the Blockchain. Follow the information provided in the email to complete the verification process.

Level 1 – Secure your Account

7.) Once your Blockchain account gets verified successfully, you will then need to secure your account. For this, you will need to copy your backup phrase so that you can regain access to your account in case you ever forget the password for your account. To get your backup phrase, located and click on the “Backup Phrase” option. Enter the password for your account if prompted. After entering the password, confirm it.

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8.) On the next screen, you will be shown the first four words of your backup phrase. Click the Next 4 words button until you have complete phrases appearing on your screen. Note down the phrase somewhere and keep it safe.

9.) After noting down the phrase, go to the next screen where you will be prompted to enter any fours words at random.

10.) After entering any four words, click on the Finish button to complete the process.

Level 2 – Link your Mobile Number

11.) Now, to make your account more protected, you will need to link a mobile number to your wallet account and activate the 2-step authentication factor. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Mobile linking and 2 step authentication process.

Level 3 – Block Suspect IDS

For added protection of your account, you also get the option to block suspect IDs or bad IPs in your Blockchain account. For this, you will just need to click on the Block button to enable blocking bad IPs from connecting to your account.

And this is how you can create a Blockchain wallet account and get your unique BTC address. So, create your account today and start earning Bitcoins.

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