Know How Factory Reset Protection Work and How to Bypass it?

Every Android device comes with a Factory Reset Protection feature. Remember the last time you factory reset your Android device and you were prompted to verify your Google account to access your device? That is what is called “Factory Reset Protection”. To know more about this, go through the information provided below.

How Factory Reset Protection (Google Verification) Works?

Factory Reset Protection or Google Verification feature was added to the Android device since its Android Lollipop OS. This feature gets automatically enabled when you configure your Google account to start using the phone. Once you would have enabled this feature, you and anyone else trying to access your Android device after factory reset will need to pass the Google Account verification to be able to use the device.

This feature was added by Google in order to keep your device protected in case you ever lose it or it gets stolen. In such situations, this feature comes as a savior. But, what if you forgot the FRP and give or sell your phone to someone? Will you need to share your Google Account with the person? Fortunately, no as you can easily disable FRP on your Android device in any such situations.

How to Enable and Disable Factory Reset Protection?

While FRP gets automatically activated as you add your Google account to your Android device for the first-time use, disabling it will require you to perform it manually.

Adding a Google Account to an Android Device

1.) On your Android device, tap on the Settings app and select Accounts option.

2.) Next, tap on the Add account option and select Google option from the given list. You will be prompted to enter your Google account’s username and password.

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3.) Once you have entered your username and password and logged in to your account, FRP will automatically get activated.

Now, to disable the Factory Reset Protection on your Android device, you will need to follow these steps.

1.) On your Android device, go to the Settings app and select Accounts option.

2.) Under Accounts’ section, tap on the Google option and select the Google account you added and tap on the Remove account option located under menu bar icon on the top-right corner of your screen.

3.) The Factory Reset Protection feature will get disabled for your device.


  • Apart from disabling the FRP, also make sure that you wipe out all the data from your device before selling or giving your phone to anyone.
  • Also, try not to factory reset your phone within 24 hours of changing the password for your Google account configured on your Android device. This is suggested because Android wouldn’t let you set your device with a Google account whose password is reset within 24 hours.

In case, you ever forget the password after a factory reset, you may not be able to access your device, especially the ones with newer Android versions. However, there are some workarounds that can help you get access to your device. Below, you can find two tricks to get around Google Account Verification on some of the Android devices such as Samsung, LG, HTC, however, the trick may or may not work on all devices.

METHOD 1: OEM Unblocking

1.) When you reach the Factory Reset Protection screen where you are prompted to enter the Google account which was synced earlier to your phone, press and hold the “@” key on the keyboard until you see a window popping up on your screen.

2.) Next, you will need to tap on the “Google Keyboard Settings” option on the window that appears on your screen.

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3.) You will need to click on the menu bar (three vertical dots) located on the top-right corner of your screen and select “Help & Feedback” item. Select any item from the given ones and copy some of the text. In the top-right corner, you will be able to see a web search icon. Simply, select the icon and type “Settings” in the search field.

4.) You will be taken to the “Settings” app on the phone where you will need to go to the “Developer Options”. However, if you don’t see the option listed, tap on the “Build Number” 7 times to get “Developer Options” and allow “OEM Unlocking”.

5.) After that, simply press and hold the “Power” button to restart your device. This time you will see an “Add your account” screen instead of the FRP. Simply add your Google account and you will be able to access your device.

METHOD 2: Reset Your Device

1.) When you are on the verification screen, get back to the “Select WLAN Network” screen and add a new network.

2.) Next, you will need to enter random characters on Network SSID, long press the characters and select Share option.

3.) Then, on the screen that appears on your device, press and hold Gmail option to see Gmail’s App info. Select Notification and then App Settings option.

4.) After that, tap on the menu bar, (three vertical dots) and select Manage Account option. A notification window will appear on your screen where you will need to tap on the Continue option.

5.) On the Settings page, select Backup & Reset and then Factory data reset option. Once the device gets reset, your Google account will be removed from the device.

NOTE: The above-mentioned tricks may or may not work on your device.

And, this is how you can use Factory Reset Protection and get around if you are unable to access your Android device ever.

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