Lotus Notes Vs Outlook – A Comparison Between The Best Email Platform

Picking up the right email platform among Outlook and Lotus Notes is such a complicated concern that can be easily encountered by corporate users. While choosing the email service provider in between Lotus Notes and Outlook, one should definitely know the facts and information between the brands and compare their product features more wisely. Here we are covering in-depth research between the Lotus Notes Vs Outlook services and productivity.

Compatibility between Lotus Notes Vs Outlook

Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes are the two leading desktop email clients enlisted under highly used email applications. Both platforms work great for connecting corporate as well as non-corporate sectors. That is the reason why most of the email users often get confused about which one to choose.

Lotus Notes Vs Outlook: Analyze the Difference between These Two

In this guidebook, we will evaluate the difference between Lotus Notes Vs Outlook email programs and discuss the major attributes that help to keep the commercial communication simpler and smoother.

Expense: In terms of expenditure and price Lotus Notes is costlier than MS Outlook. So, if you are one of those who want to save some money, then MS Outlook will be better for you. Other than this, the web version of Outlook offers a free service in the form of Office 365 suite which is ideal for the common users.

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Storage Facility: Lotus Notes offers more storage space as compared to MS Outlook. And we can surely say, in terms of a storage facility, Lotus Notes has the upper hand over Outlook services. In Lotus Notes, a user can access to store up to 64 GB data in an NSF file and on the other hand, Outlook stores its data in PST file, which offers 50 GB at max.

Support for Multiple Accounts: Out of several security measures offered by Lotus Notes, one is its restriction regarding multiple accounts, as they can use only one Notes account at a single time while there is no such restriction in case of Microsoft Outlook. At Outlook, users can add multiple accounts for in Outlook and use them simultaneously.

Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, the Lotus Notes is a complex one for the users as it requires specialized training to maintain Lotus Notes properly. But there is no such restriction for MS Outlook as it is easier in terms of maintenance and it does not require much effort on behalf of the users.

Multitasking Facility: Due to advanced security feature, Lotus Notes doesn’t allow the multitasking facility to the users. However, in the latest versions of the same, users can operate multitasking features including replacing the background, print email, detach files, monitor different processes, copy design, etc. On a similar note, Outlook also allows supports a similar type of multitasking features for its users.

Easy to Use Interface: Microsoft Outlook offers easy to use and handy interface. Due to its self-explanatory features, users don’t find any trouble to operate their Outlook account. But a lot of Lotus Notes users register a complaint regarding trouble operating the email program, due to its complex nature.

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Final Verdict on the Lotus Notes Vs Outlook Comparison

There are numerous custom features offered by the Lotus Notes, but it becomes a tough task to work with it without any professional knowledge and training. More than this, the maintenance cost for the same is also very high. On the other hand, Outlook offers many unique features and functions for its users which make it the most reliable one. Thus, as per the final verdict, Microsoft outlook is much better than the Lotus Notes application.

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