How to Get Temporary Email for Facebook Account?

Considering the rise in cybercrimes in present times, it has become more than necessary to ensure the security of your personal online information. While almost all online platforms are vulnerable to cybercrimes, email services, and social networking websites are usually the most common sites data breaches include. Although if you are using a premium email service, you can be assured of the security of your account against hacking and intrusion, however, if you wish to use a Facebook and stay anonymous on the platform, it is suggested to create a Facebook profile using a temporary email address. To know how to get a temporary email for creating a Facebook account, you can follow the instructions provided in this post.

Generating a Temporary Email Account for Facebook Account

To Generate a New Email Address at Email on Deck

  • Firstly, you will need to launch a web browser on your phone or computer and navigate to the Email on Deck homepage using the URL –
  • Once you get to the homepage of Email on Deck, you will be directed to the page to create a disposable email.
  • The process to generate a disposable email on the Email on Desk webpage comprises two steps. In the first step, you will need to select the checkbox next to the Iā€™m not a robot option to verify that you are human. In the second step, you will just need to press the Get Email button.
  • On the next screen, you will be provided a temporary email which you can use to create a Facebook account.
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Now, once you have generated a temporary email address, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to create a Facebook account.

  1. To get started, you will first need to launch a web browser on your phone or computer. Make sure to open a private window in your web browser (For example Incognito Window in Google Chrome).

NOTE: To help you understand, suppose you are using a Google Chrome web browser. In this case, you will need to click or tap on the Menubar icon (three vertical dots) located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Doing so will display a drop-down menu on your screen. From the drop-down menu that will appear on your screen, you will need to click or tap on the New Incognito Window option. This will display a private window for browsing on your screen.

  • Once you have opened a private window on your computer or phone, you will need to go to the sign-in page of Facebook using the URL – in the address bar. Next, press the Go button to get to the sign-in page.
  • Once you get to the sign-in page of Facebook on your web browser, you will need to click or tap on the Create New Accountoption. Selecting this option will take you to the next screen.
  • Once you reach the next screen, you will be prompted to provide certain personal information – YourFirst name, Surname, Mobile number or email address, New password, Date of birth (Date/Month/Year), and Gender in the provided fields.
  • When you have entered all the required information in the relevant fields on your screen, you will need to click or tap on the Sign-Up button. You will then need to follow the on-screen instructions provided on your screen to complete the sign-up process.
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Additional Tips:

  • When creating a password for your Facebook, you will need to make sure that you are creating a strong password. For this, it is suggested totry using a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. This type of password is recommended because they are difficult to hack or crackby anyone.
  • Also, you will need to be at least 18 years old to create a Facebook account. Therefore, make sure to enter your date of birth correctly.
  • If you are already having a few Facebook profiles using the same IP address that you are using, it is suggested that you print a piece of information from the keyboard without using the keys – Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  • However, if you are warned by an alert message stating that – ā€œYou have entered an invalid email. Please check your email address and try again.ā€,it is suggested to generate a new email address by going to the Temp Mail website.

Before you try to create a Facebook account, you will need to generate a temporary email address. As there is numerous online temporary email address provided, you can use any of them to generate a new disposable email address. In this example, we are providing the steps according to the Email on Deck. The process for generating a temporary email is most likely to be similar for other service providers. So, these are the steps that you can use to create a Facebook profile using a temporary email address.

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