Fastmail Vs ProtonMail – Which Is a Better Email Provider?

When it comes to creating a new email address, people have this natural tendency of resorting to Google Mail or Yahoo! Mail. Since many people despise this idea, they rather look for some other options. The email market is full of many leading email providers. They just only promise big but also carry out things in a perfect way. In this ultimate review guide, we will talk about some of the key features of two of the most important email providers – Fastmail Vs ProtonMail.

While many people have, in the past, maintained that both Fastmail and ProtonMail are better options than Yahoo! and Gmail, you cannot just settle down with anyone unless you know the truth. Let’s get ahead and know which email service provider is a better choice for your business or personal use.

Fastmail Vs ProtonMail – General Overview

The email hosting company Fastmail is based in Melbourne, Australia, whereas ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service based in Geneva, Switzerland. Fastmail’s servers are located in Bridgewater (USA) despite the company is operational from Australia – this doesn’t go down well with many email service seekers.

On the other hand, ProtonMail servers are located in Switzerland (at the CERN research facility). Switzerland is believed to have adopted the sternest laws to protect user data and email content. All user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Fastmail Vs ProtonMail Features Comparison (Including Pricing and Plans)

Both Fastmail and ProtonMail flaunt the cutting-edge features that have managed to convince their respective users. Let’s take a quick look at them –

  1. Fastmail Features: If you are tired of seeing ads in your current email service provider, you may opt for Fastmail. You will have –
  2. No ads
  3. Support for PGP and IMAP
  4. Extensive notification settings
  5. Efficient and highly-customizable spam filters
  6. Aliases
  7. Email search feature
  8. Import/ export from other email services
  9. Calendar, contacts, etc. in one app
  10. Two-factor authentication
  11. ProtonMail Features: End-to-end encryption is the most striking feature of ProtonMail. This even denies ProtonMail itself to sneak a peek into your message and data. This is not the only feature that ProtonMail is proud of. Some of the useful features include –
  12. Easy to Use (Security without the Hassle)
  13. Open Source (Free Secure Email)
  14. Modern Inbox Design (Security with Productivity)
  15. Anonymous Email (Protect Your Privacy)
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ProtonMail offers an outstanding next-gen inbox that is well-designed to help you work faster.

Fastmail Pricing and Plans –

You will get to no-ads email experience when you choose Fastmail. But, it does come at a certain price. No service comes for free with Fastmail. Take a look at the popular plans –

  • Basic Plan ($3 per user/ per month): Privacy-first email, calendars, and contacts
  • Standard Plan ($3 per user/ per month): Enhanced features for home or work
  • Professional ($9 per user/ per month): Email retention archive for email pros and business

Does it sound a bit expensive to you? Why not give it a free trial as every plan has a 30-day free trial?

ProtonMail Pricing and Plans –

While Fastmail has no free plans, ProtonMail does have one. Let’s understand what it offers for free and what its paid plans comprise –

DetailsFreePlus (€ 5.00 /mo and € 48.00 /yr)Professional (€ 8.00 /mo and € 75.00 /yr)Visionary (€ 30.00 /mo and € 288.00 /yr)
Users111 – 5,0006
Messages per Day1501,000UnlimitedUnlimited
Address155/ user50
Storage500.00 MB5 GB5 GB/ user20.00 GB
Customer Domains0 custom domain1 custom domain2 custom domain10 custom domain

Choose the right service as per your budget and requirements. Some of the services of ProtonMail are exceptional whereas Fastmail has its positives, too. If safety is the main concern for you, ProtonMail will surely outplay Fastmail. Again, its plans are a bit expensive as compared to Fastmail (except its free plan).

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