Fastmail Vs Gmail – Should You Pick Fastmail over Gmail?

This is going to a dare decision to make if you choose Fastmail over Gmail.

Ask a normal email user – whether he would be interested to pick the Fastmail email service over Google’s most trusted Gmail. The answer would land in NEGATIVE. If that is the case, there shouldn’t be any comparison – Fastmail Vs Gmail. Well, one has to go through this comparison guide to understand which email service provider offers better service.

Fastmail Vs Gmail – General Overview

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Type of siteWebmail, POP3, IMAP4Webmail
Available in36 Languages105 Languages
OwnerFastmail Pty LtdGoogle
Current StatusOnlineActive

Inbox, Calendars, and Contacts – Trademark Features of both Gmail and Fastmail

Some of the features that Gmail is known for are available with Fastmail. Just like Gmail’s fancy Inbox, Fastmail, too, boasts an Inbox that allows you to easily search messages, send emails, reply, and more. The ‘Calendar’ is another feature that many users fall for Gmail. Fastmail, too, has this amazing feature. You can add and share events, share them with your favorite people, etc.

Contacts automatically build your address book. With this great feature, you can give priority to the important people in your life with VIP contacts and contact groups.

Gmail Is Free and Fastmail Costs Too Much?

One of the major comparisons that you may like to draw is the cost. Since Gmail is free, many believe that it is slow and Google is not much keen on spending money on a free product. Is that the truth? If Gmail is slow, one of the reasons could be your inbox management methods and the way of using your email.

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Fastmail, on the contrary, charges a hefty amount, undoubtedly. Even after charging that much money as per its plans – is it flawless? No. Every time you want a new feature or seek better service, Fastmail would charge you for that. But, there’s no denying that Fastmail is fast, ad-free, independent of Javascript, HTML pages, and cookies. Although it doesn’t boast a User Interface that is as modern as that of Google’s Gmail, it is practical and effective.

Gmail Security Feature Keeps Your Sensitive Data Secure

While great features do play an important role in transforming your email experience, keeping your data secure is another key aspect that modern email users should be worried about. Gmail is very much concerned about it, hence it has introduced new phishing protections to address BEC (Business Email Compromise) threats. This means when somebody impersonates an authorized person to extract sensitive information through messages, Gmail would automatically move them to spam. Google has also added one more feature, i.e. Gmail confidential mode – through which you can protect sensitive data by creating expiration dates.

Of late, Fastmail, too, claims to have fully encrypted all connections to prevent any possible forgery, tampering, passive eavesdropping, etc.

Gmail, Not Fastmail – Ultimate Choice for Android Users

Gmail is the clear winner when it comes to selecting the best email client for Android. While Fastmail ranks 19th, Gmail grabs the 10th rank. The main reason for this is that both Gmail and Android OS have been developed by Google. The Gmail app for Android supports all Gmail features including starring and labeling. Compared to the Fastmail app, the Gmail app is incredibly fast and advanced. It has Google Drive integration and Calendar integration. What more could you ask for?

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