Tutanota Vs ProtonMail – Email Comparison of Tutanota and ProtonMail

Today, almost everyone is using an email address. Some people even boast multiple email addresses from different email service providers. If you have to choose a service for your work, it might push into a dilemma selecting the best email service providers. Tutanota and ProtonMail, the two most widely known services, come into the picture when it comes to selecting an email service that promises utmost privacy and security. So, which email service should you choose? Let’s have a fair comparison – Tutanota Vs ProtonMail – and settle down for the one that suits your needs.

Go through this blog to know the best email service providers – Tutanota Vs ProtonMail. You will see a solid comparison between these two services based on encryption, features in basic paid account security, business features, usability, and fair & easy.

Tutanota Vs ProtonMail – Making It Easy to Choose the Best Email Service

Undoubtedly, both Tutanota and ProtonMail are highly sought-after email services as far as encrypted emails are concerned. Both the email services offer outstanding plans, brimming with top-notch features. It is important to check each feature step-by-step and choose the best.

  • Encryption: Both email services are recognized for offering encrypted emails. Encrypted transmission (TLS), end-to-end encryption of all internal emails, end-to-end encrypted email storage, and easy end-to-end encryption to external recipients are the most significant encryption features offered by both Tutanota and ProtonMail services. However, Tutanota is also recognized for some of the additional features including encrypted email subject lines and end-to-end encrypted storage of all contact details.
  • Security: Security should be a great concern and Tutanota seems to have a bigger paw compared to ProtonMail.
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TOTP for second factor authenticationYesYes
Servers in EuropeYesYes
U2F for second-factor authenticationYes 
No offices in the USAYes 
No third party captchaYes 
  • Business Features: Both ProtonMail and Tutanota have extraordinary business features. They offer custom domains, inbox rules, and alias addresses. Users can have encrypted contact forms, Whitelabel customizations, and unlimited domains only from the Tutanota email service.
  • Pricing and Plans: Tutanota puts you in control of your data when you choose one of its plans. Tutanota offers Private as well as Business plans. Individual users may try its free plan before upgrading the plan. The free plan is designed for one user and boasts 1 GB of storage, limited search, and one calendar. The business plan doesn’t have any free service. It has Premium (€2.40 monthly), Teams (€6 monthly), and Pro (€8.40 monthly) plans to suit your requirements as well as budget.

On the other hand, ProtonMail boasts 4 different plans. The Free plan has limited support and boasts 500 MB storage. If you upgrade, the ‘Plus’ plan boasts 5GB storage with 1,000 messages per day. The ‘Professional’ and ‘Visionary’ plans offer 5 GB/ user and 20 GB respectively. Both these plans have unlimited messages per day. The Professional plan enjoys priority support service and offers 2 custom domains. Apart from that, it has features like email filters, catch-all email, auto-responder, multi-user support, etc. The prices of the ProtonMail email service are as follows

  • Plus Plan: € 5.00 /mo and € 48.00 /yr
  • Professional Plan: € 8.00 /mo and € 75.00 /yr
  • Visionary Plan: € 30.00 /mo and € 288.00 /yr
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Both Tutanota and ProtonMail emails can be accessed on any device. ProtonMail has a few more advanced features as compared to Tutanota – group send feature, conversation view, self-destructing emails. Both the services offer an ad-free email experience and boast low starting price plans.

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